What : Join the band - Georgia Sea Island Singers (Recorded : 1960 - Published : 2011) 

When : 2013

Where : At the Das gift record fair. This bar on the corner of Donaustraße and Weichselstraße (i.e. 200 meters from my place) is brilliant for any record lover. The best thing is their Tuesday vinyl giveaway. Just come and buy a drink when they’re playing a record : when the record’s over, they just give it to one of you lucky drinker (and listener). I found this amazing Alan Lomax recording at one of their Saturday record fairs. 

With whom : François and Anne were there.

My versionhttp://www.discogs.com/Georgia-Sea-Island-Singers-Join-The-Band/release/3272772 

Additional note : Das gift does not mean “the gift”, but “the poison”.